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GARY HOLT Approves Of This Metal Band That Plays Shows Out Of Their Bus

Gary Holt rules.

gary holt

Hemorage is a metal band whose whole schtick is playing shows inside their bus. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt caught one of Hemorage's shows on April 12 before Exodus played their own show in San Diego, and had a blast!

"@hemoragesf are raging in the streets of San Diego!! Roll up in mini bus, start killing it right next to our bus, simply the coolest thing ever, security guard be damned!!??????❗️"

Well, at least until the cops showed up and ruined everything. Still, Holt and fellow Exodus guitarist Lee Altus managed to get down there and buy some Hemorage shirts to support the band because they're good dudes (and Hemorage does whip ass).

"When @hemoragesf were shut down by the San Diego police yesterday! Lee and I did make it down to buy shirts! But the street concert came to an end right then and there! This band rules! Buy their merch and support this band!"

Check out Holt's footage of the band, as well as some additional footage that really showcases the glory that is Hemorage.

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