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You Should Listen To BRAIN FAMINE's Thrashing, Grinding New Album Die In The Vortex

Get into it.

Brain Famine

I'm not sure what's a better name – Brain Famine or Die In The Vortex. It's a close call. Though there's one that needs no debate, and it's that we can all agree Die In The Vortex is a killer record. Right at the intersection of thrash and grindcore, with maybe a little punk, Brain Famine is going to fuck you up completely before disposing of your body (presumably into the vortex). Plus the five-minute atmopsheric-ish break of "Endless March" toward the end is a nice touch.

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I really wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing Brain Famine's name pop up more and more over the next few years. Stream Die In The Vortex below and download a copy here. The band also notes that CD copies are coming soon, though they've been delayed thanks to a plant screw-up. So just get crushing digitally for now.

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