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WOORMS Unleash Sludge Metal Madness On Debut LP

Posted by on January 14, 2019 at 4:48 pm

Those in the know have long been advocates of Sludgelord Records signees Woorms. These Baton Rouge maniacs have emerged from their damp earthen dwelling to unleash their first full length, Slake, after years of demos, splits and singles.

With a respectable history and crushing music backing them up it's an honor to get to be a part of the major career milestone that is Slake. This album is thrilling in its experimental scope and consistent willingness to always take their brand of southern-friend doom one louder. Woorms have pushed themselves above and beyond with Slake, treading new sonic highways and adding fresh dynamics. It’s a mesmerizing listen, and one well worth sinking your teeth into. With vocals exhumed from the crypt and down tuned rumbling guitars growling from the bowels of hell, Slake torments the listener in new and exciting ways.

The bands frontman Joey Carbo had this to say:

“When writing an album, I always try to create a murky flow, a complete body of work that should be ingested in one sitting. I think we achieved that here and it’s the way I prefer this record is listened to. The way that each song relates to and interacts with the next is very important to me. An album should never be just a collection of songs but should be constructed with purpose and intent.

Another thing I think is important is that a songwriter or a band never take themselves too seriously. Are my lyrics misanthropic and nihilistic? Definitely. Does that reflect my personality and worldview? Without a doubt. But if you don’t see the inherent humor in absurdity and don’t sometimes get a kick out of how completely fucked we all are (and always were), maybe my type of humor isn’t for you.

There are also some hidden nuggets, within the lyrics, notes, and layout of the LP, for fans to find that will be revisited and played with in future material… Check the engraved “code” around the centre label of your record.”

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