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This New CRYSTAL COFFIN Album Is Melodic Black Metal Perfection

Proggy, thrashy black metal? Yes please.

Crystal Coffin

Have you ever heard Crystal Coffin? Because you really need to. The band is releasing their third record The Curse Of Immortality on October 31 and it's all the melodic, slightly progressive black metal you could ever want. I mean seriously, three albums in and everyone really should be tuning into Crystal Coffin at this point.

As far as a concept, The Curse Of Immortality is described as such: "Less a formal concept album from its predecessor, the eight tracks loosely depict a protagonist whose failed attempts at suicide have placed him into a rehabilitation center wherein clandestine medical personnel experiment on the captured and unconscious patients at night in chambers below. Through a combination of cryogenetics, evil rites, and state control, the subject involuntarily becomes the first successful completed case for verified immortality – a life that will no longer require death."

The awesome cover art for The Curse Of Immortality was done by Crystal Coffin multi-instrumentalist Lenkyn Ostapovich. Stream the record in full below courtesy of the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel and pre-order it here.

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