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Stream THANTIFAXATH's Terrifying Dissonant Black Metal EP, Void Masquerading As Matter

The Canadian black metal trio is back after nearly three long years.

The Canadian black metal trio is back after nearly three long years.

Toronto's Thantifaxath captures a mystique that not too many other bands are capable of. In an era where it seems every personal detail spews from the megaphone of social media; the Canadian trio remains a mystery—hidden beneath a pall of dissonant black metal.

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Their breakout in 2014, Sacred White Noise, undoubtedly garnered them a fan base. Interestingly enough, as Thantifaxath grew in popularity in the wake of that album, the mystery behind the band intensified. The band is savvy in their anonymity though. They channel it into their music—making it a completely overwhelming emotional and mental experience.

Opting to let the music do the talking is a welcomed strategy. The band's newest EP, Void Masquerading As Matter, seamlessly threads its way into one's psyche. No lyric sheet exists, the faces of the flesh who craft the sounds have no name. It is simply the music working its way to the core of the listener. Each moment in this arrangement works to instill a sense of abject dread. Across the EP, Thantifaxath mixes black metal instrumentation with non-metallic elements. Outright rippers, "Ocean of Screaming Spheres" and "Self-Devouring Womb" see the trio flex their blackened might. As the EP progresses, tracks like "Cursed Numbers" and the closing title track become even more haunting. The former track's marquee is a swirling, ascending riff that penetrates much of the composition. The latter, a stirring chorus of angelic voices that grow into urgent cries as the track unfolds.

Holistically viewing Void Masquerading As Matter, the band's music is a vehicle for intangible terror—an offering detached from physical bonds. It is simply something as menacing as the band is mysterious. Listen to an exclusive stream of Void Masquerading As Matter below. The EP can be pre-ordered from Dark Descent Records on LP and CD also. Thantifaxath has no socials—of course.

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