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Solemnly Listen To NOVEMBERS DOOM's New Album Hamartia

Paul Kuhr and company bring the sad again.

Paul Kuhr and company bring the sad again.

Novembers Doom has been around since 1992, and it comes as no surprise that the band's new album Hamartia continues down that very same, very solemn and downtrodden path. Though there's nothing bad about that – Novembers Doom is phenomenal at honing its craft and adding new elements here and there, and Hamartia is no different.

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The album is Novembers Doom's tenth to date, and vocalist Paul Kuhr is a big fan.

"It’s always a challenge for a band to push them selves with each album they write and record, and after almost 28 years and 10 albums, that becomes more difficult to achieve. We always set out to write a better album, each time. At the end of the process, we have to be proud of the results, first and foremost, and we know in our own minds if we achieved our goal or not. With Hamartia, I believe we did. The overall sound and flow of this record is cohesive, and solid. I don’t believe there’s been a finished Novembers Doom album I have believed in more than Hamartia. I hope everyone agrees, and enjoys what we have created!"

Hamartia is out this Friday, and you can pre-order it here and stream it below courtesy of Invisible Oranges.

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