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SNAILKING Is Streaming Thier Hypnotizing, Doom-Laden New Record Storm

Missing out on this is not an option.

Missing out on this is not an option.

Snailking is easily one of the best doom bands to have come out in a while now and I personally have been making damn sure you know it. So with the release of their second record Storm on September 15, the band has decided to give us a full stream of the album! Y'know, to convince all you readers out there on the good ol' Interwebs that Snailking truly is important and to doom up your Monday.

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I've taken the time to sit down and review the record, which you'll see soon enough, but basically my thoughts on Storm is that it's a record that takes it time getting where it needs to go and really savors all the little moments on the way.Don't take my word for it- jam it for yourself!

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