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SLEEP MOSCOW Brings The Atmospheric Doom With New Album Of The Sun

Put your headphones on and space out.


Sleep Moscow, the band masterminded by Petter Kindström, is now streaming their new album Of The Sun. If you're in the mood for atmospheric doom that will absolutely consume you, especially with headphones, then you're in the right place. This is great!

"Sleep Moscow is my project but Arvid Hällagård and Eric Nilsson are both deeply involved too. My vision for it from the very beginning was clear. It’s all about the mood," said Kindström. "Of the Sun is a concept album that tells a story. When I started working on the album, I was picturing an old soviet sci-fi movie. It’s a classic story, a cosmonaut leaving a dying earth for something bigger, thus leaving everything behind.

"To achieve my vision, I put my ego aside and involved friends to make sure the songs were as good as they could be instead of just focusing solely on my own involvement. The album begins with a feeling of hope but slowly moves into darker territories and the songs differ from one another. But together they create a story. Arvid sings all the songs but one. The song ‘Alone’ is performed by Stina Tosteby and it’s about being left on earth."

Grab a copy of Of The Sun here, because let's face it – you need this. Plus it's out on July 30, so your wait time is pretty short.

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