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ROSY FINCH Crawls Out From The Depths To Bring You Seconda Morte

Save yourselves!

Rosy Finch
Photo by Pablo Ferao

Spain’s Rosy Finch is here to bring forth stoner grooves overtop a foundation of ‘90s-styled alternative rock on their brand new EP Seconda Morte. Just make sure you turn it way up before hitting play – it might be the thing that saves you from eternal damnation.

"This is our most diverse album and we've tried to capture the essence of this excellent piece of literature," said Rosy Finch's Mireia Porto. "The title claims that all souls die twice: the first for dying physically on earth and the second for being separated from God because of their sins.

"Depending on how they lived, the unfaithful souls experience punishment and torture in Hell until the end of time, the unclean soul’s redemption in Purgatory and the pure soul’s salvation in Paradise."

Seconda Morte is out November 4. Pre-orders are available here.

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