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When does Athenar sleep?


It's not clear when Midnight mastermind Athenar sleeps, but I'm guessing the answer is "never." Dude already put out a Midnight record called Let There Be Witchery earlier this year, and now he's got a new early Motörhead worship band called Whitespade. Predictably it rocks hard as hell and should be listened to at paint-peeling volumes. You can check out the entire album below and grab a copy here.

"The band Midnight's alter ego tribute to one of the best bands ever… Motörhead! Featuring 10 original tracks, this could be the album Bronze Records rejected in between Bomber and Ace of Spades."

In an interview with Metal Injection, Athenar revealed that he already has other new music ready to go and that Let There Be Witchery was recorded two years prior to its release.

"Oh definitely. I mean, Let There Be Witchery is coming out," he said prior to the album's release. "I recorded it in January of 2020, because at that point we were still expecting to go on and take on the world. You go 'ok, I'm going to record this now because 2020 is going to be real fucking busy and I'm not going to have a chance ever to record.'

"From then on I've recorded one other album, which is done and in the can, ready to go. There's a covers album of artists from the Cleveland, OH area that's done and in the can. And there's a plan to do 18 songs worth of stuff and I've recorded half of those already. So yeah, there's plenty coming out here soon – probably soon. Within the next decade [laughs]."

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