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JUAN BOND Mathcore Their Way Into The Womb Of 2021

juan bond- womb

You want a taste of 2021? We have you covered here. Not the general year layout, it is bound to be a festering nightmare, but the music is already shaping up to be damn good.

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Brooklyn, NY mathcore collective Juan Bond is ready to open up the new year and drag us down a path of brilliant weirdness. The band has existed for about five years and has only done a small batch of releases, between singles and EPs. And now it is time for the band to unleash Womb: a brand of brain-twisting, mind-numbing mathcore on the world.

Simply put, if that is possible with this record, Womb is something of a cross between Dillinger Escape Plan, hardcore, and 2000s metalcore. When the band takes off with “Garbage Juice”, it is a full-on in-your-face slice of gnarled mathcore that sets the stage for the rest of the record. Balancing melody and aggression but leaning more on the latter. And with this, the fun has only just begun.

The album progresses with “Morbid Mortgage” and the prog tendencies of the band really start to show here. The track has a lot of progressions but also is not afraid to get weird and throw in some Sonic Youth-esque influence. Actually, Juan Bond is like a marriage of Sonic Youth and Dillinger Escape Plan. And it is crazy how well it works.

And even as things progress more and more of the band is revealed. Flavors of Poison The Well come into view, and there’s plenty of love for 2000s hardcore as well as post punk. The layers upon layers of genre are blended and distilled perfectly. And yet Juan Bond’s sound is truly them. They comfortably reside in the mathcore genre but other bands simply do not sound like this.

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If you have nostalgia goggles for mathcore, 2000s metalcore, hardcore, or post-punk, and just general weirdness, Juan Bond might have already secured your album of the year slot for 2021. Womb is an album that needs to be experienced start to finish. One of the best slices of mathcore that has been composed since the inception of the genre so long ago.

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