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Taste ZED's Stoner Rock Flavors, With Their New Record, Trouble In Eden

Posted by on August 8, 2016 at 4:21 pm

Zed have been dominating the Bay Area rock scene since 2007 now, and their latest offering, Trouble In Eden sees them vastly expanding on their previous work and creating a stunning new release that represents some of their best put together and most wonderfully refined music to date. Trouble In Eden isn't just proof that there is a ton of badass stuff left to be done in rock and roll but also that Zed might be our generations rock gods. Their music is powerful and passionate, and unlike so many of their peers actually exciting. Sure they stick to a lot of traditional paradigms, but their execution is top notch and the kind of thing that we can dig into and love for spin after spin. Zed have distilled all of the wondrous magic of rock and roll into just a few songs and seem to be jonesing to create greater things in the next few years.

Of the new record, the bands bass player Mark Aceves said:

“For us, this album really reflects the current state of our society and world at large, but on a more granular level, also reflects the internal struggles and challenges we as a band had gone through during the time of writing. Throughout the year it took to write and record this album, various members of the band were going through either personal or professional situations that were really challenging and threatening to wreak havoc in their lives, and that strife really comes through in the music, creating a heavy feel and presence. There's a lot of reflection and commentary on humanity as a species in these songs and how we are creating these huge problems, and each song tells a different story along those lines, ranging from global struggles to personal ones. There is definitely Trouble in Eden, and it's us!” 

Spin it now:

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