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Finland's RE-ARMED Offer A Hefty Dose Of Melo-Death With Ignis Aeternum


Finland's melodic death metal outfit Re-Armed are prepping to release one of the hardest hitting albums of 2020 for the genre. Not only is Ignis Aeternum ready, and out tomorrow, but the band have also given fans an opportunity to hear it early. Not only that, but Re-Armed took some time out of getting everything ready to sit down and answer a few questions about the new album, the meaning behind the album art, and the effects of Covid.

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Hello and welcome guys, let's start off easy. Tell us a bit about your new album, Ignis Aeternum

Jouni – You know the feeling when you have exceeded yourself? You have learned some new skills and you have know-how, how to use these new tricks. It's the thing that makes this life more interesting and exciting. Basically, you can see and hear how everything just clicks and you know that you still have much more to give in the future as well. This album was one of these moments. The result is epic and stunning album with lyrics that you can really stand for.

Iiro – The album has more melodies than before, more symphonic elements. Of course there are speed and danger, brutal blast beats and also some slow and darker atmospheres.

Allan – This new, current line-up and our changed mindsets of making music led us to a more melodic-oriented style when compared to our earlier plays. I am very proud of this album and how we managed to make it happen, but more to think to the fact that this is like two-year-old line-up – this album was kind of a test for us – so we like to think that we can afford to make even more solid music in the future.

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What are some of the themes and concepts used in your new album?

Jouni – A loose theme for the album is about positivity, a constant change and seeing life as it is at every level. It is a trip, a breathtaking view of life’s diversity. This is the basic idea behind the songs and some lyrics drill deeper to different areas within this wide theme. Let's say, Cosmos documentary series and a few scientific books really worked like psychedelic drugs, heh.

Given the current pandemic of Covid, what effect has this had on Re-Armed's plans?

Iiro – We had to cancel or reorganize all the upcoming shows. Some of them are still on hold and waiting for the situation to settle. The album release date was moved a little. And like almost the rest of the world we had to rethink our plans – everything about releasing this album, tour plans etc. but in the end we try to stay positive and keep on going, 'cause it's not that much difference for a normal music business. You know, anything might happen when you are making and releasing an album.

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Could you describe the album art for us, and what it represents?

Jouni – The statue in the picture presents us as human beings. DNA mycelium runs around the statue, because we and everything on this planet are built around it, basically, we are all the same. We all are built from these same "basic elements". The idea behind the artwork is that we've been here on this planet just for a blink of an eye and life and its many forms are in constant change. Evolution keeps going on – no matter what we do. Generally speaking, life is like an eternal flame. If we humans disappear, something else comes and takes our place just like dinosaurs did rule the world millions of years and then went extinct. Of course this doesn't mean that we shouldn't care about the environment and other living things around us. Let's keep the eternal flame alive – together!

What are some of the stand out songs for you on this album, what songs are you most looking forward to playing live when the pandemic is over?

Jouni – We are really looking forward to see how we get "Beyond The Horizon" alive with live performances, because it's simply damn epic and powerful song. Actually, it's cool to see how most of these bombastic songs will work in live.

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Iiro – All of the songs are important and nice to play, there are no filling songs. But some of my favorites are "Dive Within", because of the badass blast beats and epic melodies at choruses, and "The Hollow Lights" because there is probably the sweetest outro and ending solo.

Allan – Like Iiro said, there are ten powerful songs. The highlight moments of the album would be "Remain Unbounded" in its musical epicness and greatness, and the mood it has throughout the song. As well as "Voyager" with the same features, in addition to our guest vocalist Micko Hell's marvellous featuring in the chorus. "Eager to Collapse" kills it with the great balance of melodies and fierce atmosphere. The list could keep on continuing…

Tomorrow Ignis Aeternum officially releases through Black Lion Records, but you can hear the new album below courtesy of the band and the label. If you like what you hear, I highly suggest picking up the new album through their Bandcamp!

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