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Exclusive Album Stream: VICES New Breed

Jacksonville, Florida's Vices have a new album out today, and Metal Injection is proud to bring our readers an exclusive full album stream of their debut LP New Breed. It's tempting to label Vices as a sludge band, but, although the band plays a fusion of hardcore punk and swampy blues rock that's stylistically similar to the sub-genre, this is an altogether more primal style of music. In a sense, New Breed is a distillation of sludge's basic influences into a more literal fusion of punk and Southern rock.

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he music on New Breed is like a shot of good whiskey followed immediately by a punch in the face. The groovy riffs are warm, thick, and rich, but the vocals get up in your face looking for a fight. Vices have created a good audio representation of Southern aggression and their particular style of country fried heavy music is really original to boot. No Breed is out today and available through Deathwish Inc. Below you can stream the entire album. Maybe shoot some bottles off of a fence while you're at it.

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