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DISTANT's New Album Aeons Of Oblivion Will Destroy Everything Around You

FFO: Ingested, Aborted, Pathology, Suicide Silence.


If you have anything you don't want completely destroyed in the sonic blast that is the new Distant album, then move 'em now, because once you hit play it's all over. Alright, you're good? Now go ahead and listen to Aeons Of Oblivion and just wreck everything.

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Aeons Of Oblivion is the third and final installment of the trilogy started with Distant's 2020 album Dawn Of Corruption, which tells the story of Tyrannotophia, the realm of the doomed and the sound of the world's damnation. Plus, the record features guest spots from Mendel bij de Leij (ex-Aborted), Jason Evans (Ingested), Lochie Keogh (Alphawolf), John Robert (The Last Ten Seconds Of Life), and Kyle Anderson (Brand Of Sacrifice).

"Aeons Of Oblivion has been an incredible journey for us as a band combining everyone's different tastes and talents while meshing them into one cohesive project. It was a challenge but we prevailed, slamming it shut with a hammer and nail – now you get to hear it June 11th in full!" said the band.

"Being separated, having the COVID-19 pandemic to thank while writing this album gave us the time & inspiration to write and create The Rise of Tyranntophia, our own 176-page book of lore. This is what the new album, Aeons Of Oblivion, is about. Writing the book and album together in the span of one year took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but in exchange it has helped create our loudest and proudest work to date.

"You can hear a wide variety of styles can be heard throughout Aeons Of Oblivion in both writing and projection as we treated the album as a theatrical piece filled with angst, horror, void and the utmost heaviness – a true experience. To top the album off we have several amazing guests who joined us to create an entirely new dynamic for Distant including Adam Warren from Oceano, Kyle Anderson from Brand Of Sacrifice, Lochie Keogh from Alpha Wolf, Jason Evans from Ingested and many others!

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"Aeons Of Oblivion is a masterpiece made of three parts including Dawn Of Corruption and Dusk Of Anguish. With the episodic releases of these EPs and their respective singles we were able to give more emphasis to specific songs helping best explain the story we were trying to tell while also introducing the new sound. The reception we've received has been nothing short of incredible and we thank every person who's streamed, viewed, purchased merch or supported in any other way. Thank you all.

"We hope you enjoy Aeons Of Oblivion as much as we do."

Pre-orders are available here.

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