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FRONTIERER Streaming New Album Right Now

Streaming in it's full glory for you ahead of its full release tonight, Frontierer's Orange Mathematics will most definitely be the best album you'll pick up for free/pay what you want on Bandcamp, this year at least. This is the most punishing groove/math/chaotic etc release in an age, or I'm the Queen of England. This Scottish and North American collaboration will fill any catastrophically sized groove in your body and will keep piling riffs and rhythms into said hole. At least, until you press pause. Why are you still wasting time reading this? Listen to the mayhem below.

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Limited to only 100 physical copies, Orange Mathematics is the brainchild of Pedram Valiani (SectionedWe) and Chad Kapper (A Dark Orbit, new album out November 27th on Basick Records!). After meeting online and putting out a previous release, fine tuning their chops in the process, Frontierer are now the perfect remedy for those still suffering post-Danza blues. One listen and you can hear this is heavier and even more evil than Danza.  Frontierer is just one of Valiani's numerous projects, all of which are worth digging into. Same goes for Kapper and his A Dark Orbit crew. This is destructive music with a clinical edge, all finalized by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege into a crushing final mix. Expect to see these guys arriving live to your town soon, but you might have to book them first. Believe me, they will come.

Find Orange Mathematics over on Bandcamp and see if you can nab one of those sick first pressings.

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