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FOO FIGHTERS Seeks To Unite Every Music Fan With Their New Television Series

They recorded one song under the ocean! Maybe. Come find out.

They recorded one song under the ocean! Maybe. Come find out.

Let's all just muster up the courage to admit we like theĀ Foo Fighters to some extent or another and this will be a lot easier, okay?

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The band posted the below trailer for their upcoming HBO series Sonic Highways which airs October 17. The show documents the making of the album of the same name that will be out on November 10.

So what's so special about a trailer? Well, for starters guitarist and frontman Dave Grohl talks about the fact that every single song on the album was recorded in a different studio across the United States! Then there's Grohl and group talking to major musical icons and even President Barack Obama, which goes to show the pure star power of Foo Fighters. Even the legendary group The Presidents of the United States of America make an appearance! Unfortunately not with Obama, which should have happened because it could've gotten all types of Elvis-and-Costello in there. Check out the trailer and fall in love with the Foo Fighters, and with music, all over again.

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