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FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Drummer Pukes Violently On Stage, Doesn't Stop Playing

Warning: you're gonna see a dude puke.

Warning: you're gonna see a dude puke.

Call new Fleshgod Apocalypse drummer David Folchitto whatever you want, but don't call the dude a quitter. Fleshgod Apocalypse played the Metal Alliance Festival in Bogota, Colombia on October 27, where according to a statement from the band, Folchitto was feeling pretty sick. He didn't want to cancel the show despite their urging to do so, so they went on anyway and Folchitto played right through puking his guts up.

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Seriously, talk about commitment! Here's what the band had to say about the incident, followed by a pretty gross video.

***WARNING: Graphic content!***

Many people keep asking us about the evolution of music industry nowadays. Well, here’s our point:

Some bands proudly show off their achievements on Patreon or Indiegogo, to get the gain without the pain, or act like attention whores, thinking that a bunch of likes will make them real bands.

On our side, we think that breaking your ass on the road and prove yourself on stage is still the most respectable way to grow, especially in the eyes of your fans.

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Two days ago in Bogotá our drummer David was feeling really sick and, honestly, we weren’t sure whether to cancel or not.

But there was no way to dissuade him. The motherfucker wanted to play at all costs! So we went on stage and, despite the sickness, he played a terrific show until the last two songs. Then, all of a sudden, it became like a scene out of “The Exorcist” (just watch the video below). And even then… he DIDN’T STOP PLAYING!

That’s what we call commitment, pure dedication. Also kudos to Krimh and our stage hand Giannis for helping David during those… disgusting moments!

Please, don’t bullshit us with your stories about how difficult music industry is, how stressful tours are or how hard being a musician in your country is. Italy is one of the least ‘generous’ countries to musicians and artists. We did our first US tour driving a car ourselves for thirty gigs, holding the equipment on our legs, with no sleep and risking our own lives. As well as many other bands have always done.

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Everything we have now comes from sweat and sacrifice, honesty and commitment, no whining or begging involved.

We want to thank our friends all over the world, our management, our label for the support and respect they’ve been showing us throughout our career.


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