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EXTOL Release Single And Announce New Album

Extol, one of the greatest bands to have ever existed, are releasing their self-titled record in June. This is their first record since 2005 and the single, "Open the Gates," sounds like they never stopped.

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Don't get turned off by that introductory riff- it's admittedly a little too djenty for me (though still a sick riff), but following up that riff is four minutes of music that are simply astounding. It sounds like the band went back to their late 90's/early 2000's sound for this with the double screams and big-ass vocal harmonies, and even threw in a little Born of Osiris-type keys for the added heavies. Extol might just be one of my favorite records this year if the whole thing kicks nearly as much ass as this song. The band had to say-

On Extol we've had the honor of working with Jens Bogren who has mixed and mastered the album. We've been fans of his work for a long time, and we're very satisfied with the magic touch he has given to our songs! The magnificent artwork is done by none other than the legendary Travis Smith! He has truly visualized the essence of Extol through all the graphical details and the layout on the album. Thank you all for your support and patience! It feels great to be back!

Hooray Travis Smith artwork! Extol will be out in June, and here's the pre-order page you can throw all your money at. Oh, and don't forget to hit up their merch store and check out their upcoming documentary!

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