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Every AC/DC Song Ever Has The Same Ending And We Have Proof

Surprisingly it's not with Phil Rudd trying to kill you.

Surprisingly it's not with Phil Rudd trying to kill you.

Everyone gets on the bandwagon of making fun of AC/DC because every song sounds the same. While you can argue for or against that statement as the clock slowly ticks away your life, you can't argue that everyone AC/DC song doesn't end the same. They do.

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Paul Marshall is a DJ on Phoenix’s KSLX-FM and has gone through literally every recorded AC/DC song and thrown the ending notes together into a compilation… and every single song has the exact same style of ending.

Here's what he had to say on Facebook.

Yeah…I thought it'd be "funny" to see how many times AC/DC ends their songs in a similar fashion. Oh…it is. But, it took a LONG time to go through. I promise you, *no song was repeated.* These are all the final notes, of almost every AC/DC song ever recorded (very few songs in their history, fade out. They were omitted). They know how to end a song. That's for sure.

Feel free to share, steal, and give to your morning show without crediting me (you know who you are!).

Annnd….power chord!

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Yes, power chord us away AC/DC!

Not that it's a bad thing. Realistically there's only a finite amount of ways to end a song. That being said, it's still a little funny that a band who gets made fun of for writing the same song over and over has effectively written the same ending over and again.

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