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Proof That Every AC/DC Song Ends The Same Way



There's a pretty common joke running throughout rock and roll that states every AC/DC song is pretty much the same. While that can be argued for quite some time, 100.7 KSLX DJ Paul has provided irrefutable evidence that at the very least, a pretty good portion of the band's songs end the exact same way.

“I thought it'd be funny to see how many times they end their songs in a similar fashion,” writes Paul on his Facebook page. “It took a long time to go through. I promise you , no song was repeated. These are all the final notes of almost every AC/DC song ever recorded. Very few songs in their history fade out – they were omitted. They know how to end a song, that’s for sure…”

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Though really, what other way would their songs end? Fade outs would be weird for high energy songs like AC/DC's and acoustic outros would just be wrong. So the band has found its formula and its sticking to it, dammit!

[via MetalHammer]

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