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DIAMOND PLATE Are Masters Of Walking Backward

Diamond Plate are streaming a new song off their upcoming record Pulse, due out on August 20 via Century Media, and it is most certainly thrash.

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I'm not going to sit here and rip apart "Walking Backwards" by Diamond Plate, because it really isn't a bad song over all. It just sounds a little bit like the band listened to a whole shit ton of Metallica and thought they could do the best impression of them ever done. So they succeed in that, but success in that manner isn't really a whole lot of success… I guess. There are plenty of killer parts in the song, like the little choir-backing thing they've got going on in the choruses, the guitar solos, the musicianship overall, and even some of the riffs are stuck with me. It just isn't enough to make me really excited for the record. Not that I won't give it a fair listen. Here's to hoping the rest of Pulse will be better!

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