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DEVIN TOWNSEND Polishes Off Some STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Tunes For DVD Taping, Video Available

Well, this is shocking. One of the many questions guitarist Devin Townsend gets on a daily basis during interviews is if he ever sees himself reforming Strapping Young Lad, his late 90s, early '00s band. A few years ago, I asked him about how he felt about constantly being asked about something he doesn't want to do and he didn't want to do. He said that part of his life was over. Recently, when we posted this video clip where Devin interviewed himself, he mocked reporters asking him the question.

Clearly, SYL is never coming back.

But that doesn't mean Devin can't whip out a few of the classics during his live show… which is exactly what happened.

You see Devy was in London over the weekend, performing at the Roundhouse, shooting a live/retrospective DVD entitled The Retinal Circus. The show featured songs spanning Devin's entire career, so naturally he had to whip out some SYL. But, he did one better, he even brought out SYL guitarist Jed Simon to help with the proceedings. There is video footage of Devy doing "Love?" and "Detox."

Here is some bootleg video:

The DVD/Blu-Ray will be released sometime next year. There is an entire theatrical element to the show and a full choir. Devin does not mess around. I can't wait to see this.

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An interesting insight into a complicated album.

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