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CORRECTIONS HOUSE Stream "Bullets And Graves" Single

Corrections House, the kind-of supergroup featuring members of Minsk, Eyehategod, Yakuza and Neurosis, are streaming their new song "Bullets and Graves." It's nothing like their other two singles.

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So Corrections House has put out some music before this (more), and they've been much more experimental and spacey than "Bullets and Graves." I'm digging the super-industrial sound of this in that way where it took me a few listens to really grasp what was going on here. If punk were dirty as all hell and had the distortion turned way up, this would be it. It's kind of Godflesh-ey in a weird way too… overall, my opinion of the song is positive because it rules and you're deaf if you think otherwise.

[via Revolver]

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