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CARICATURE (Ex-SYSTEM DIVIDE, LAST CHANCE TO REASON) Unveils Plans To Drop A Record, Additional Songs This Year

Ex-System Divide's Joe Spiller and LCTR drummer Evan Sammons are about to tear it up this year!

Ex-System Divide's Joe Spiller and LCTR drummer Evan Sammons are about to tear it up this year!

Caricature, currently consisting of ex-System Divide guitarist Joe Spiller and Last Chance to Reason drummer Evan Sammons, has quite a busy year ahead of itself. According to Spiller, sessions for some new songs and a new record have been taking place at Sammons' and Spiller's personal studios in Maine. The band will be releasing a new single titled "Shadows" within the coming weeks as a sort of teaser. "Shadows" is being mixed by Greg Macklin (ex-Jeff LoomisOrdinance, etc.) and mastered by James Murphy (ex-Death, ex-Testament, etc.), which is essentially a recipe for greatness.

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So what's the new song going to sound like? Well, a little like this from behind the kit!

The new stuff will be the first material we've heard from the group since 2013's The Sound of One Man's World Collapsing, which I listed as my second favorite record of that year. Seriously, you need to hear it! Plus, it'll give everyone a taste of what's to come in terms of mixing considering that was all Macklin's work. It seems like Spiller is pretty stoked on the new stuff too.

"It's been a minute since Caricature has made some noise, but that tale is for another day and that is about to change. I am incredibly excited about this new material (which every band dude says, I know) but that's the way it should be. Way back when, over 10 years ago, Evan and I used to jam out in his parents basement in Maine but I moved off to New Jersey and he came to form Last Chance to Reason. So we lost touch, but here we are with something solid now and somehow we are lucky enough to work wth my friends Greg Macklin and one of my heroes/dude of dudes James Murphy. I'll be honest, things could be a lot worse and I've had a fanboy moment or two over this (but don't tell James I said that.) Now opens a new chapter for Caricature and a brand new batch of ERG guitars to make it with. Hah!"

Spiller ended our conversation by saying Caricature has a bunch of new music coming and "a substantial surprise/announcement on a few more new tracks in May/June to tell you about ASAP." In related news, is it May or June yet? In the meantime, jam you some The Sound of One Man's World Collapsing.

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