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Behold! An Infinite AI-Generated Bass Solo!

Courtesy of Adam Neely and Dadabots.

All This Dude Needs Is One Bass String To Bring The Shred

Dadabots, the folks who brought you AI-generated death metal, are back with an infinite AI-generated bass solo. The solo quite literally goes on forever and is taken from two hours of bass noodling provided by bassist Adam Neely. You can check the solo below, as well as a video by Neely about how the solo came to be.

Here's the explanation for how the AI is generating the solo, according to Dadabots. It's fine – I don't understand it either.

"While Adam was alive, he recorded 2 hours of bass jamming," said Dadabots. "We (CJ+Zack) ran three SampleRNN experiments on that dataset. The first one (trained at 16kHz) didn't come out so good. There was too much noise in the highs, the bass patterns were slow and soupy, and the timbre was mushy.

"Next we EQed the dataset to boost the high-mids for a brighter timbre, and we trained at 8kHz (which cuts out everything above 4kHz; not much was lost for bass guitar). This eliminated the noise, and helped the RNN learn patterns 2x as long. This is because, for the net, halving the sample rate is kinda like doubling the speed.

:Finally we curated the dataset to include mostly fast licks. This improved the overall quality. SampleRNN likes fast tempos. We explore various epochs and temperature values. Sometimes the high temperatures sound like two basses playing at the same time. As if it were some kind of..shadow bass.."

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