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BEHEMOTH create the most evil video ever

Damn! I cannot get over how evil BEHEMOTH's new video for "Ov Fire and the Void" is. Grim song? Check! Boobies? Check! Band looking very creepy? Check! Boobies? Check! Weird baby? Check! This video has it all. And it looks like it was made on a huge budget. The atmosphere is just so great. It's very rare to find videos in metal that aren't just some band performing in a warehouse due to the smaller budgets of metal videos. But it's great to see a band like Behemoth willing to spend a little more to get their art across. I implore you to watch the video above.

Then, if you are a film nerd like we are, make sure to check out the 2 part "making of" clips we posted here: Part 1 | Part 2

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