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ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman Shows The Guns You "Need" If You're "A Gun Person"

Like a rig rundown but for guns.

Like a rig rundown but for guns.

"I get asked all the time, Phil, what's your favorite gun, etc.?" begins a new video from the All That Remains frontman, posted on the eve of the March For Our Lives rally late last week. Labonte notes that each of his guns "have a purpose."

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He has two 9mm guns because he doesn't like to "futz around" with a bunch of different types of ammo. He notes he leaves the glock on his nightstand. Phil then transitions into (quite literally) the big guns, his AR-15s, which he notes are for "vermin control." While showing off his 5.56 (a weapon commonly used in mass shootings), Labonte declares “An AR-15 is probably the best all-around rifle.” He then showcases his shotgun after noting "every one who's kind of a gun guy should have a shotgun." What a way with words. He winds down with a bolt gun.

Nothing out of the ordinary, here, right? Just a musician celebrating his second amendment right to carry firearms. It's kind of like one of those Rigged videos that Gear Gods does where a guitarist shows off all his axes and pedals, but ya'know, with guns.

A better response than I could ever write was made by the Citations Needed podcast, where they argued against the need for any sort of assault rifles, even in the military (with some backup from #VetsForGunControl)

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