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SNL's Pete Davidson To Play Joey Ramone In Upcoming Biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone

King of Staten Island, meet the King of Punk.

pete davidson joey ramone
Pete Davidson photo: SNL / Joey Ramone photo: Yves Lorson

Pete Davidson, best known for his roles in Saturday Night Live over the years, has been cast to play Ramones vocalist Joey Ramone in the upcoming biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone. The biopic is named after the memoir written about Joey by his brother Mickey Leigh originally published in 2009.

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According to Pitchfork, I Slept With Joey Ramone will be directed by Jason Orley and produced by Davidson, Leigh, Rory Rosegarten, and David Spiegelman. More importantly, the film does have the blessing of the Joey Ramone estate.

The following is a summation of I Slept With Joey Ramone.

"When the Ramones recorded their debut album in 1976, it heralded the true birth of punk rock. Unforgettable front man Joey Ramone gave voice to the disaffected youth of the seventies and eighties, and the band influenced the counterculture for decades to come.

"With honesty, humor, and grace, Joey’s brother, Mickey Leigh, shares a fascinating, intimate look at the turbulent life of one of America’s greatest—and unlikeliest—music icons. While the music lives on for new generations to discover, I Slept with Joey Ramone is the enduring portrait of a man who struggled to find his voice and of the brother who loved him."

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