Nicolas Cage Says His Weapon In Mandy Was Inspired By CELTIC FROST's Logo

Nicolas Cage, noted fan of Satyricon and Darkthrone, stars in a new horror flick called Mandy. Cage plays Red Miller, a character who descends into insanity and wields a sword called The Beast. Cage tells The Daily Beast, a publication and not a daily sword, that The Beast's design was created by his buddy Jeffrey Halliday and was inspired by Celtic Frost's logo.

“It’s called The Beast, and I think the one that’s actually made out of metal is out in L.A. with SpectreVision. I have one of the replicas—one of the stunt chrome-layer ones. My friend Jeffrey Halliday designed the original sketch for it, which is based on the ‘F’ from the Celtic Frost logo. I wanted it to feel almost like a manifestation of Red’s insanity. Instead of just as a weapon, it was like a crystallized object of his grief.”

You can check out a trailer for the movie below, which unfortunately does not feature any Celtic Frost or Triptykon. What a bummer.

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