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New Trailer For MARILYN MANSON's Next Movie, Let Me Make You A Martyr, Posted

Manson plays a hitman named Pope, and he looks pretty scummy.

Manson plays a hitman named Pope, and he looks pretty scummy.

Alright seriously, Let Me Make You A Martyr is coming soon. We talked about a trailer for the movie last year and it looked pretty good, but now we've got another trailer and it… still looks pretty good. In the film, Manson plays a Native American hitman named Pope, who is hired to find and kill the grown-up adopted son rebelling against him.

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Here's what Manson said about the film in an interview published last year.

"Within the first day, I was asked if I wanted to skin a coyote," the singer says excitedly. "It was already dead. And I was asked to burn down a house and 'kill' a bunch of people, so the answer was 'yes' obviously."

So yeah. Sounds about right, as far as what Manson would be interested in. You can check out some more shots for the film here, though you won't find a release date beyond "2016."

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