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Dave Lombardo Contributing To Insidious 3 Score

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Dave Lombardo is keeping busy now that his schedule is free and clear of any slaying. He's put out a new Philm record, scheduled some shows with Fantomas and even contributed to a Disney cartoon.

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His next project? Contributing to the score of the threequel to the horror flick Insidious. Lombardo revealed the tidbit to Metal Thunder Radio:

“I’m collaborating with Joseph Bishara, who is the music composer for the horror movies The Conjuring, Annabelle and Insidious. I’m working on Insidious 3 with Joseph, and we’re creating some drums for the new movie.

“I’m really excited to do this. I set up all the drums, today I ordered the drums that I’m gonna use. I’m gonna be performing with two cello players, a viola and a violin player under Joseph’s direction. And he’s an amazing composer. I’ve been listening to his stuff for a while now.”

Welp, I guess I should catch up on these horror flicks. I heard the first one was good but the second one… not so much. I'm more curious about the score of the third one to be honest, just to see what Lombardo brings to the table.

The movie is scheduled for a summer 2015 release, so expect the score to surface around then.

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[via MetalSucks]

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