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Alex Winter Says Bill & Ted 3 is "Really Close"

“We’re really close. We’re just about there” – Alex Winter

“We’re really close. We’re just about there” - Alex Winter

Last we heard, the Bill & Ted threequel, while having an awesome plot, was delayed due to budgeting issues and there was a comic book in the works. But, we may be seeing our favorite, most excellent duo sooner than expected.

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Alex Winter, aka Bill S. Preston, Esquire was at SXSW promoting his new documentary Dark Web, which focused on the illegal online drug-trading site, Silk Road. The movie has a connection to Bill & Ted, as Keanu Reeves, Winter's co-star is the narrator of the documentary.

Winter spoke with Yahoo! Movies and offered this update on the threequel:

“We’re really close. We’re just about there,” Winter said, before cautioning: “In Hollywood parlance, [that] means we’ll either be shooting soon, or it’s never going to happen.”

When asked if he gets sick of constantly being asked about the potential movie, Winter scoffed at the notion:

“We’re trying to get the movie made, so how could we be sick of it? It’s really been us driving the whole thing, me and Keanu and [writers] Chris [Matheson] and Ed [Solomon]. So we’re producing it and we’re actively trying to get it made. We’re not tired of it, but I think for our fans, we are eager to stop talking about and actually shoot the damn thing.”

We're ready. As for the Dark Web, it looks like a pretty interesting doc. Here's the trailer:

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