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Woman Hires SUGAR RAY's Mark McGrath To Break Up with Her Boyfriend via Cameo

Posted by on November 25, 2019 at 3:53 pm

Nobody would accuse Sugar Ray of being a metal band, although that first album, before they started ripping off Sublime could certainly be considered nu-metal. And Mark McGrath has been seen rocking Suffocation shirts on Vh1 countdown shows, so we give them a pass – especially for this hilarious piece of content.

Many musicians, actors and celebrities have taken to the site Cameo, where you can book said celebrity to record a personalized video greeting for yourself or a loved one. You might recall Gilbert Gottfried was hired via Cameo to joke that he is the new member of Slipknot.

Well, one woman hired Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath for a whole different type of cameo. Apparently, this girl was in a long term relationship with a guy working on his thesis. She just couldn't find the right words to break up with him, so instead she got Mark McGrath to do it. Hilarity ensues:

If you're looking to book Mark, you can do so here for $100.


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