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Using It's Always Sunny Memes To Explain Metal Bands Is The Weirdest Thing We've Seen Today

You just… you need to see this.

You just... you need to see this.

Sometimes we all need a break from all the insane metal news and skull-crushingly heavy songs, and just sit back and laugh our asses off.

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Thanks to the very oddly named Facebook page Throwing dozens of knives per second with near perfect accuracy, we've got that. The page took perfect screenshots from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and overlaid some metal logos on them to flawlessly encapsulate exactly what these bands are about or how they sound.

So go ahead… enjoy.

Using  <em>It's Always Sunny</em> Memes To Explain Metal Bands Is The Weirdest Thing We've Seen Today" width="700" height="700" /> <img loading=

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