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This Parrot Gets Really Into RAMMSTEIN's "Du Hast"

Next video, I wanna see this bird in the pit.

Rammstein Parrot

We know that woodpeckers are fans of metal by nature because they’re always headbanging. But parrots? Not to offend, but typically when I think of parrots, I think of Jimmy Buffett, and when that happens, I start to feel ill. Like I did when I had food poisoning over this past holiday weekend.

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But one parrot in particular may as well have a face full of tattoos and 65 piercings in its bill. TikTok user David Holt (@djskorpios) uploaded a video of his pet bird, the charming Pearl, who likes breadcrumbs, lazy Sundays in her nest, and rocking the fuck out to Rammstein’s "Du Hast."


Replying to @anastasiaa.zb She's still shook from the fireworks all weekend ?Rammstein – Du Hast#parrot #parrot #cockatoo #dancingbird ♬ Du Hast – Rammstein

Seriously, folks—where can I get this stuff by the bottle? It’s insane! By the way, Pearl is available for parties and she does the Encanto soundtrack in full upon request. Inquire within!

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