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This Little Girl's Death Metal Song About Frozen Rules

The future is all hers!

Frozen Kid

Parents have this habitual need to share "their" music with the kids. It's an undeniable fact of parenthood. We naturally feel—all of us, no matter what generation—that our music was the best music there ever was, and therefore our children, logically (put loosely), will gravitate to it the way we did when we were pre-pubescent little weirdos bouncing off walls, and engaging in other assorted chaos.

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Sure, you may ultimately only succeed in getting your kid to listen to one Queen song before they insist you put the Encanto soundtrack on. If you're lucky, you occasionally may be able to get away with a quiet Sabbath tune. Think: "Planet Caravan" or "Solitude" (Hot tip from this metal dad: the latter is perfect for naptime, though if your kid is a little skittish, you can dream on about any of that happening.)

Then there is drummer and revolutionary girl dad extraordinaire, Devin Nickles, and his daughter, Audrey. When Devin isn't behind the drum kit pounding out beats for his band Wind Cries Mary, this metalhead dad and his daughter bond in the studio together over dad's love for the heavy stuff. It's adorable as all hell and, by the looks of it, the circle remains unbroken in the Nickles family. Good on them. A family that rocks together stays together. Plus, more women in metal means more metal for everyone!

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