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This AI Generates Fake Metal Band Names, Album Names & Album Art

The bands aren't real, but they are convincing.


Have you ever listened to Coffinlord? What about Massive Blood Sacrifice? Maybe Frozen Nights Of Hate? Of course, you haven't, because the AI behind the Twitter account This Band Isn't Real made them up. According to the This Band Isn't Real bio, the names of bands and albums are auto-generated by an AI, and the fake album art is all generated by big-sleep.

The end product is really convincing, and a good chunk of the fake album art is genuinely creepy in its almost-real visuals. As in, you know what's going on in the piece, but upon closer inspection, there are no defining details. It's like a horrible dream.

Check out some of the very metal ideas This Band Isn't Real has generated below, and then give the account a follow here.

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