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The Metal Detektor: Real-time Multi-distro Search Tool

Here's something really cool. A new Twingine of some sort to aid in a metalhead's ravenous hunt for common or rare records was started last year, and it sure is a novel idea!

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Many of us record collectors like to splurge on the physical copies of our favorite metal albums in an era of mass downloading, and increasingly, many of us take to the Internet and pay via debit or credit cards when purchasing a new record. However, it does get a bit troublesome to stalk the webstores of multiple record labels after a while. Hence, The Metal Detektor satisfies our slothfulness by gathering most of these webstores into one common place, and here's hoping that they will be expanding this list to make it more and more comprehensive in the future (although they are already pretty comprehensive at the moment, considering that the site was only started last year).

The Metal Detektor: Real-time Multi-distro Search Tool

It Takes Quite A While For Your Search Results To Show Up

Currently, these are the distros TMD trawls for your records:

20 Buck Spin, A389 Recordings, Abyss Records, Amazon, Apocrypha Records, Blue Collar Distro, Brainticket Records, Buriedinhell Records, Candlelight Records USA, CD Inzane, CD Universe, CM Distro North America, Contagion Releasing, Crush Until Madness, Dark Descent Records, Deathgasm Records, Divine Metal Distro,, Dread Records, Earache U.S. Store, Elegy Records, Feral Ward, Forcefield Records, Hellride Music, Hells Headbangers, In Vinyl We Trust, Metal Season, Morbid Moon Records, Negative Existence, NHR Records, Nuclear War Now!, Ominous Domain, Paragon Records, Profane Existence, Red Stream, Regimental Records, Relapse Records, Robotic Empire, Sevared Records, Six Feet Under Records, Tankcrimes, The Omega Order, Toys of Disharmony, United Guttural Records, Vinyl Junkie Distro, Wohrt Records

One big question though: Where is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is a great online CD shop, and it's quite amazing that it was left out. Someone on TMD better get that fixed asap.

Oh yeah, I did a search for Justin Bieber just for fun, and guess what? I actually got the relevant search results.

The Metal Detektor: Real-time Multi-distro Search Tool

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Seems like TMD is not just a distro-searching engine purely dedicated to metal, eh?

Click here to get hooked on the convenience of searching for most of your records in one common place.

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