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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Don't Like Sunflower Seeds & Other Reddit AMA Highlights

My entire world view is shattered.

My entire world view is shattered.

So, System of A Down frontman Serj Tankian and drummer John Dolmayan participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday, and the most pressing question I had was not about the potential for a new System of a Down album, but rather what their favorite sunflower seeds are.

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I was shocked shocked to see this response…

System of a Down seeds

It's like my entire life has been a lie! Other highlights include…

About their unreleased song "Hezze"

We've played it live a few times. Maybe we'll release the recording one day

Their response to "Chop Suey!" being pulled from radio station playlists after 9/11:

The importance of saying and doing what's right far outweighs the possibility of positive or negative feedback. Backlash in itself has never deterred us from going fwd with what we believe is correct.

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On the meaning of "Chop Suey!"

Whatever you think the meaning is is as valid as what any one of us think. So you tell us. We will be getting together to look at what inspires us today. If that leads to an album, then great, if not, then that's fine too.

The inspiration for "Cigaro"

It's based on a Cheney-like character.

On finally playing Armenia:

We're very excited to be playing in Armenia as SOAD for the first time at the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. It's gonna go off.

On what Serj would do if he wasn't a musician…

 If I wasn't a musician I would still be doing software.

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When the new album's coming out…

When you're not looking

Serj's hobby:

Search for cool music creation software libraries.

Read the entire AMA here.

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