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Some Pop Star Wore A MISFITS T-Shirt at the Billboard Music Awards & The Internet Lost Its Shit

Apparently, the Misfits are still considered underground?

Apparently, the Misfits are still considered underground?

You may have heard that Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only over royalties to Misfits merchandising. Merchandising which can be found in every mall Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic across the country. But that's not why America was pissed off last night.

At the Billboard Music Awards (those still exist?), the vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer, whom Wikipedia identifies as a "pop rock" band, who I have to assume at one point visited one of these malls and purchased a Misfits tee, wore it to the award show causing the internet to lose its shit. As if this was some sort of tragedy. It's as if the world at large had never heard of the Misfits.  Here's a sampling of tweets:

Uhh, you know Danzig is still alive, right? He may sleep in a grave though, so you have a point!

I can't see the Misfits being upset about free exposure on national TV and through all this outrage.

He wouldn't care!

I dare YOU to name one Misfits song!

Is it really? Wouldn't it be a compliment? Here is somebody who appreciates the same band as you do.

Jeez, you sound like a reasonable person.


Uhh, isn't wearing a t-shirt of a band whom you enjoy a sign of respect?

This sense of entitlement on the internet to bands being theirs is absurd, especially when it comes to such a co-opted brand/band like the Misfits. When you're selling Ugg boot knockoffs, your punk rock cred is basically out the door.

Here is the unbearable performance, by the way:


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