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SIX FEET UNDER's Chris Barnes Bragging About His Lack of Isolation During Recommended Quarantine


Six Feet Under completed recording a new album down in Florida last week, and a little coronavirus pandemic isn't going to stop frontman Chris Barnes from living his life.

The former Cannibal Corpse frontman bragged on Twitter earlier today about how he flew twice across the country (from Seattle to Miami and back), and then spent three days in a casino last week, went to the beach for a week and was around thousands of people for the week and he is "not sick."

The CDC warns that asymptomatic people can still be carrying the disease and spreading it to folks with weaker immune systems. The issue right now in the United States is that there are not even means of testing to know who has it or who doesn't, so it could spread rapidly, overwhelming local hospitals who are already reporting equipment shortages.

There were over 100 cases of the virus in Miami reported as of today. and over 1,300 cases in Washington state, with the disease spreading at an exponential rate each day. But if you ask Chris Barnes, it's all a false flag.

Update: A few hours after this blog was posted, Barnes took issue with the use of the word "bragging" by tweeting "it's very presumptuous of you to say that. I've actually been self quarantining since I returned to Seattle Monday night, and have only gone out for essentials, and to walk my dog."

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