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ROB ZOMBIE Takes Down Internet Trolls With Style

A lesson in trolling by Rob Zombie

A lesson in trolling by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a busy guy. He's finishing up his new horror movie, 31, and working on a new Halloween carnival attraction. Not to mention, he has a new album ready to go.

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The guy keeps busy, but not too busy to take down some internet trolls. It's so easy to be a smart ass on the internet without fear of repercussion but not on Rob Zombie's Facebook page. First, some idiot was mocking his hat choice and Zombie was not about to take fashion advice from this dude:


Next up, some idiot called him a hipster, and he responded fantastically:


So let that be a lesson to all would-be trolls. Don't even think about fucking with Rob Zombie, because he's watching!

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Or at least Rob Zombie seems to be heavily hinting at it.

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You better be nice, or he'll find you.