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ONCE HUMAN Would Like To Introduce You To Their New Member, "Larry"

"Whether you're Democrap or Repooplican….."


Once Human's Larry, played by vocalist Lauren Hart, has made me chuckle quite a few times in the past, and the band's recent video releases are totally worth your attention!

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From roasting fellow bands, gym rats, and the presidential debate, no one seems safe from the wrath of Larry!

Lauren Hart comments on the creation of "Larry":

“Larry actually started from reading the bad comments about Once Human. Specifically, about a female fronting a metal band. I naturally acquired a heavy hillbilly accent while reading some of these comments out loud, and we would just die laughing. Most of the "mean" comments were just flat out funny!

But I made a video, with some distorting filter on my face, going off about how women don’t belong in metal and teasing Logan for wanting to be in a band with one. And thus, Larry was born.

Now, he is currently roasting metal bands, and dabbling in politics.”

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Keep up with Once Human's videos both funny and serious at their Facebook YouTube page.

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