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MACHINE HEAD Frontman Robb Flynn on The First Time He Smoked Weed

Do you remember your first?

Do you remember your first?

I will never forget the first night I tried the sweet leaf known as marijuana. The night was June 22, 2001. I remember this because what swayed my decision was being at my local radio station's summer rock festival, the Dysfunctional Family Picnic. I was 17 at the time, and I was "straight-edge" in the loosest sense of the word. I didn't need drugs or alcohol to have a good time. I remember sitting at the Jones Beach ampitheater and noticing a trend all around me. Everybody was smoking pot. This piqued my interest, mainly because I was an impressionable teen, I guess. After the show, I went to my friend's house and he smoked me up, and my life was forever changed after that night. Thirteen years later and I am a full blown stoner. Thank God! Weed mellowed me out from being super hyper and led to many great ideas (such as this very website).

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Aaaaanyway, that's my story. Turns out Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has a very similar story. He recently revealed to Metal Hammer that the first time he smoked weed was at an AC/DC concert:

“That was my first rock concert ever. I remember my friend Lisa and her mom took us to the show there, as a chaperone. My mom said ‘Whatever you do, don’t smoke marijuana.’ At the time I had no idea what marijuana was, so, of course that was the thing that I was looking for and, I remember like now, the most vivid memory from that show was the smell. Just so much weed in the room and now, to me, when I smell weed on stage and somebody smokes weed, I love it. It takes me back to that moment and I try and get people to smoke weed during the show sometimes, just so I can kind of go back there.”

Some of my favorite early memories of smoking weed were at metal shows. What is it about weed and metal that go so well together?

Do you remember your first time smoking pot? Was metal involved? Let us know in the comments.

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