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@cats_are_metal Wins Instagram: Kitty Vest Metal Now A Thing!

Posted by on August 6, 2015 at 1:35 pm

You may remember our comrades over at MetalSucks going on about vest metal back in 2012. Like a true metal-damus ,Vince Neilstein proclaimed vests will be an UN-escapable trend in metal over the next few years. But it wasn't until I went scrolling through one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @cats_are_metal ,that I realized this vest metal business might have just crossed species!

As you can see from these adorable photos, cat owners are manufacturing metal vests for their feline friends, and it's AWESOME!

Kitty Vest2

Kitty Vest6

Kitty Vest1

Kitty Vest3

Kitty Vest4

Kitty Vest5

I can't wait to start on one for my own kitty. Check out @cats_are_metal on Instagram for all kinds of brutal kitty images, you won't be sorry.

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