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IRON MAIDEN's Frontman Has No Interest In Social Media

Ain't got time for that shit.

Ain't got time for that shit.

Look. Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has a life full of being a metal god, being a charity machine, flying planes and eating out his wife. He doesn't have time for all this social media bullshit to the extent that he doesn't even know how to access Twitter or Facebook! Which is fine, because honestly I'm not even sure anyone would really want to read some of his life's adventures… lest we all want to feel shitty about our own.

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In an interview with, Dickinson says that he just completely ignores Facebook, Twitter and all that.

"I understand that in this day and age everybody has to have a big social media presence, and you have to look after your social media, and blah blah blah — okay, that's great," he said. "We've got a great team and they just look after the social media. I just completely ignore it. It's as if I live in another world, devoid of Twitter, devoid of Facebook, devoid of all the bullshit that gets talked about by all of these people. I just live in my own little head world. That's what makes the records. So I have no idea what's going on on Twitter, and I couldn't care less."

Not that he has any specific gripes with the social media world, he continues.

"No, because I don't let myself get bothered. I pay no attention to it. I don't even know how to access Twitter. I mean, my mobile phone is a Nokia that I can't even take a picture on. It's held together with tape. That is my mobile phone, and people look at it with horror. People say, 'Well, why don't you have an iPhone?' Because it gets polluted by shit."

He continued: "The trendy things that bands do now to maintain their 'pop culture' is sit there obsessing and tweeting away drivel to the unwashed masses. It's just crap. It's self-indulgent, narcissistic bollocks. I have no interest in that whatsoever. If I want to be self-indulgent and narcissistic, I'll put it on a record. Don't sit there tweeting, I don't even know how many words you're not allowed to say in Twitter before you run out of intelligence."

Lord Dickinson has spoken. He's right though- we definitely spend too much time consuming on social media. Isn't it good to step away every now and then and just live life? Instead of say, getting mad about genres and posting pictures of your coffee?

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