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Hot New Meme Alert: HARMS WAY Hardcore Dancing Mashed Up with Pop Songs Is Just Perfect

Posted by on May 4, 2020 at 12:33 pm

There is a Reddit community called "Meme Economy" which sort of treats the ongoing meme conversation as a fictional stock market and jokes about meme formats that are hot and meme formats are dying off. Well, the Harms Way meme is hot hot hot

What is the meme? The meme takes footage of straight edge hardcore band Harms Way from July 2019, shot by hate5six, and syncs it with music that does not exactly match. It all kicked off with hardcore dancing to Shania Twain:

All weekend, I've seen different iterations pop up and they're all hilarious. There's "Call Me Maybe"

Some random ass yodeling (maybe the best one?)

Then there is the ska-riffic theme song from WWE wrestler Sami Zayn, which also works too well:

What other songs would work here? If you are looking for the original footage, which is heavy as fuck, it starts at 9:10 in the video below:

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