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GREEN DAY Frontman Wants To Create Mix Of "Norwegian Death Metal and BELLE & SEBASTIAN"

Before you go and overreact, it's just a deleted scene from the recent Judd Apatow movie, This Is 40. In the movie, Paul Rudd plays an indie record label owner, and in this scene, Green Day frontman Billy Joel Armstrong pitches Rudd's character on a new project he's working on, hoping to get signed to the label:

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I watched This Is 40 over the holidays and this is funnier than most of the scenes in the movie. In fact, as huge a Judd Apatow fan that I am, I found the movie to be a bit direction-less and found myself cringing anytime the two leads would start fighting, like I wanted to leave the room. Maybe that's the feeling Apatow was going for, but it did not make a fun movie going experience for this guy.

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