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FADADES: Could This Shit Possibly Be For Real???

With all the deliberate, self-conscious piss taking going on in and around the black metal community, it's always more fun for me when someone doesn't seem to be in on the joke.  Well, shit, I think we may have a winner here in Fadades.  If this dude is perpetrating you wouldn't know it from his philosophical diatribes on his Myspace page, which sadly is the only real online presence homeboy seems to have (aside from a Youtube account, the better to host the videos for his My___ profile).

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If you speak English only, you'll have to translate that profile from French… a good sign that M. Fadades is a frog; he certainly sings like one.  I won't bother quoting any of the hilarious pontificating to be found there, as I'd prefer any disservice done in the translation be attributed to Google rather than yours truly, but suffice to say there's no way this guy has his shit together.

Hell, he even scored a mention on the Tosh.0 blog.

A sampling of his wares:

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